Growing Plants


Your Growth Potential Is Our Business

"If you are not growing you are shrinking. We thrive on seeing others grow"

"Always do what we say we're going to do. Always open honest and fair"


"Knowing what I know now about how efficient Root2growth are and how easy they have made my accounts to manage I would sign up 10 times over. Everything they promised has come to fruition. It just feels like I have their constant support"

H.O.K. Construction SW Ltd - Oliver Kightley 

"Root2Growth has been a breath of fresh air in accountancy support to us. Even before our contract commenced, Rayanne devoted time and energy to get to know our business so that she could educate her team ready for takeover. Since then they have added value in restructuring and streamlining our accounts processing and bookkeeping using app technology to capture all transactions which then require minimal input from us. Their ability to get under the skin of the business and operate as an integral part of our business has been incredible - something we have never experienced before. They have simplified our processing, increased the visibility and accuracy of our accounts and embraced our business as though it were their own." 

Abode Heat Ltd - Alison Hodges