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No-Nonsense Approach to Finance Training

For many of us accounting and finance training is viewed as a chore or daunting prospect. Stop right there as Root2Growth finance for non-financial managers workshops will take you to another level through our ingenious colour coded interactive board game approach to accounting and finance. We aim to take the fear out of finance, empowering people to perform better.

We have moved away from the typical textbook approach of teaching accounting and made our workshops fun and interactive.

Looking for finance training in Exeter? At Root2Growth are passionate about improving financial literacy in business through finance training. Our core offering is a 1-day Finance for Non-Financial Managers workshop. We believe that employees who can understand how their actions affect the financial results make better business decisions.

At Root2Growth we value our clients and their experience with us is paramount. The key to learning is feedback. It is nearly impossible to learn anything without it. Our clients help us strive for continuous improvement. This is what one of our values clients said after their experience of a Root2Growth financial literacy workshop.

"It was a fantastic course that taught me some real tricks and gave me a far deeper insight into the information available within our business accounts including ratios, gearing and DuPont analysis. All explained simply and relevantly. Could not have asked for more in a day! Brilliant"

Finally, you might ask the question: Who is accounting and finance training for?

From a salesperson who needs to understand how their decision to offer a discount affects the bottom line, a manager who needs to better understand their budget, to a board of directors who need to refresh their accounting knowledge, and everyone in between. In short: ANYONE WHO HAS AN IMPACT ON YOUR BOTTOM LINE

Our upcoming training course is April 23rd in Exeter at Fresha Café, Sowton

To get a feel of what we offer visit our website gallery:

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