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Our New Client Portalortal

We are excited to tell you that accessing your documents, sending us documents, and signing documents going forward will be a lot easier!

After months of research and planning, we have made the decision to move away from Senta and move to Client Engager  - This will be the new platform used for signing and uploading documents.

One of the great advantages of the new portal is the client app which you can download and use on your phones and tablet. 

The new portal will be used for all documents going forward.

We are hoping you will love the new portal as much as we do but if you have any queries at all please let us know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sharing documents with our clients in a secure way is a vital part of how we work.

As we move from our old system (Senta) to our new system (Client Engager) here’s some Frequently Asked Questions you may have.

Why are you changing?

We’ve used Senta for a number of years and been perfectly happy.  About 3 years ago it was acquired by a very large company and we’ve seen no developments in the product since.  We’re particularly concerned that we’ll be given very short notice and be forced to move to a new product that we haven’t chosen.  We don’t want that uncertainty for us or our clients.

What will happen to my documents in Senta?

We’re retaining Senta for the next year so you’ll still be able to access any files on there as usual. We’ve a process in place to download any files that are on Senta so that no information is lost. It would be a massive exercise to put all these documents onto Client Engager so we’ll only put on things that are specifically requested.

Will my password for Senta work on Client Engager?

No – they’re two completely different products so you’ll need to set up a new password for Client Engager.

How do I download the Client Engager app to my phone?

Once you have set up your Client Engager account then log in to your account (on a computer rather than your phone).
Click on your name in the top right hand corner
Choose Link our Mobile App

Open the app on your phone and scan the QR code displayed on your computer
Log in on your phone.

Do I have to download the app?

No, you can continue to approve documents on your computer. The app is also a nice way to approve documents if you find that more convenient. The app is being developed so expect more features and functionality to come.

Is anything else changing?

We don’t send out any automated emails but some of the emails we send are automatically generated by the system.  We then review those emails to check they’re relevant before sending to you.  Under the new system some of these emails will come from rather than from Louise or Jonathan.  You can reply to this email or email which ever one of us directly.

I’ve only just registered for Senta.  This is a pain!

Ok, that’s not a question but we’re sorry.  Moving over from one system to another is a big step for us and we need to be careful to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.  Having a cut off point where we ask clients to stop using one system and start using another is important.

I’ve different businesses you look after – will I need multiple Client Engager logins?

No – just one log in.  Once you have logged in you’ll see your different businesses listed.

What’s the web address for the new portal?

It’s and we’ve added this to our email signature to make it easy to find.

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