Course Outline 

Understanding the basics of accounting 

  • The fundamental concepts of accounting

  • Debits and credits depicted visually

  • Getting to grips with accounting jargon and terminology 

How to draw up a set of financial statements: the accounting cycle

  • Journal entries – general ledger and T-accounts

  • Trial balance

  • Income statement and balance sheet

  • Accrual accounting – what is it and why do we use it?

Understanding the difference between

cash flow and profit

  • The difference between profit and cash

  • How to manage cash flow in a business

Using budgets to manage business activity

  • Understanding the importance of budgets in business

  • Budgeting techniques

How to interpret a set of financial statements

  • Why the ability to analyse financial statements is so important

  • Ratio analysis – which ratios to calculate and how to interpret the results

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