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H.O.K. Construction SW Limited - Oliver Kightley  

"Knowing what I know now about how efficient Root2growth are and how easy they have made my accounts to manage I would sign up 10 times over . Everything they promised has come to fruition. It just feels like I have their constant support."

Awcock Ward Partnership - Sophie Brewer  

"We would particularly like to thank Root2growth for always, if not having the answer, being able to find the answer incredibly quickly. Their efficiency is fantastic. Having someone who is willing to go the extra mile to make our business better has been invaluable" 


Feedback on Workshops and Training

Cobell - Saskia Saunders  Impressed

"One thing that stood out and I was really impressed by was how interactive the entire day was. The morning session was very informative – I had no idea how a balance sheet worked and the task that we did helped cement the concept and I finished with a far better understanding"

Astley Media - Dan Pritchard  Strength

​"A real strength of the course was the instructor's breadth of knowledge and personality.​The course has put me at a much better level of understanding for when I have conversations with our accountants. We had a mix of people on the course, from sales, to managers, to owners, and everyone seemed to get a lot out of it in different ways, that’s what I was really impressed with"

Stephens Scown  Real Life 

​"A real strength was talking through examples and Ray relating it to real life scenarios we all know i.e Sainsburys supermarket"

Optix Solutions - Alastair Banks  Valuable 

"We measure the success of a training session by the learnings from the session that can be used to improve the way we do things in our business. We were really pleased with the outcomes of the Root2Growth workshop as there were a handful of learnings from the session which will be valuable" 


Exeter Real - Tracey Duke  Fantastic

​"Rayanne's workshops are truly fantastic. She has a fun approach that cuts straight to the bottom line to make sense of finances. Incredibly empowering and well worth the investment of time and money"

Sampson Hall - Sandra Sampson  Knowledgeable  

"A great workshop run by the talented Rayanne. She definitely knows how to take the fear out of finance. You will come away far more knowledgeable about your finance"

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